Carole VandenBerg


I am Carole VandenBerg

… and I’m a right brained person inherently and a left brained person by trade

As an analyst at my work, I was logical and detailed.  As a homemaker who loved to cook, sew, knit and crochet, I was creative and visual.   Along the way, I took snapshots of the family, the pets, and the places I went.  I printed them and put them into albums and/or scrapbooks.  Then one day, things changed and my hobby moved into something more.  It was because of hockey.  What does hockey have to do with it?  Well, it was at a hockey game that to became abundantly clear that I needed to both understand how great images are made and what equipment would get me there.  After a lot of research and learning, one day, my snapshots evolved into photographs.  Later, when some of some of the photographs were published and won some contests – I noticed that I was a “photographer.”   Along with other aspects of my life, traveling became more interesting.  And when I upgraded to a better camera, I gave Clayton my old camera – something that has worked out rather wonderfully as he has come to enjoy photography as much as I do.  Together we create fine art for homes, hotels and offices as well as for cell phone cases, tote bags, mugs, and more.


Thanks for being a part of this journey

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