3 Reasons to Visit Go * Click * Blog

Reasons Go*Click*Blog is a great site to visit

Reason 1

 As travelers and photographers, we are often asked questions about these subjects – this website/blog was created to share the answers

The benefit to you – improve both your vacations and your photo

Reason 2

Being information hounds, we run across lots of useful and/or interesting things that you might want to know more about

The benefit to you – new ideas and information

Reason 3

We needed a portfolio website for our favorite photos as well as a place to share our travel adventures and other things

The benefit – you gain knowledge about things you do

To Summarize

Oh, and here are some examples of the most asked questions.  Please be sure to add yours to the list via the comments section – we know you have them …..

  • The 5 best photography locations in San Francisco
  • What are the best beaches in Oregon?
  • If I have a day in Baltimore, what should I go for some photos and some history?
  • What equipment do I need to take a good night photograph?
  • Do I really need an editing software program to get nice photos?Half Dome and Merced River
  • What’s new out there on the internet?
  • Special editing techniques to make your photos stand out
  • Any recommendations on <you name it>
  • What about those shore excursions anyway?
    … and lots more

Be sure to let us know what you want to know about

Welcome to our internet adventure