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We are Clayton and Carole VandenBerg

We are part-time travelers, who love exploring places both near and far.  We are full-time freelance photographers who specialize in creating dynamic and beautiful images.  And we are information sponges.  We’ve been photographing seriously for over 20 years, traveling on and off for longer than that, learning along the way – and basically loving every minute of it.

As retired geeks, we are both free to do more of what we enjoy and to share it with you via this blog and website where you will find our portfolio of images and a part-time blog covering various topics – travel and photography being the main ones – but there will also be a sprinkling of other topics, such as interesting locations to photograph, old and new techniques, gear (even though it’s not about the gear), our trips, do-it-yourself projects, food, and other fun and/or interesting stuff.  There may be an occasional freebie.  Also, we’ll point you to articles written by other people that you may find useful and interesting as well as items we find useful.  Occasionally some guests will be invited to contribute articles.  Beside awesome photography, we are here to provide you with other interesting and useful information, advice, instruction, and suggestions.  For more information, click here

Thank you for being a part of our journey

Our main mission is to provide you with some awesome image choices for your walls!

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