What Does URL Stand For?

What is a URL ?

What does URL stand for and what is it anyway?

While not about travel or photography, the question of what a URL is came up in a discussion recently and we thought that our readers might be interested in the answer.

The letters URL stand for Uniform Resource Locator which has 2 main parts.  The parts of a URL are separated by a colon and two forward slashes.

Part 1 is called a protocol identifier and it indicates what internet protocol to use

Part 2 is the resource name and it specifies the IP Address (the identifier for a computer or device on a network) or the domain name where the resource is located

It often has a third part: a file location

A generic example is     protocol :// host / location

The example for this post is https://goclickblog.com/what-is-a-url/

Added to this, is the fact that every device connected to the Internet has an IP Address, a unique identifier, that allows it to be located by other machines

To find your IP address, go to Find IP Info.

And there are also domain names, whose format is from the Domain Name System (DNS).

A domain name identifies an entity on the internet.  One place to find out if the domain name you way is taken is a site called Who Is.   Every domain name has a ending that indicates which top level domain it belongs to, for example:

. edu – for educational institutions

. mil – for the military

. com – for commercial traffic

. org – for non-profit organizations

. net – for network organization

More information can be found on this topic can be found via the links below or by searching Google





Hopefully you found this as interesting as we did