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Alternatives to the Adobe Photographer’s Subscription

Photographers – do you know what else there is other than the Adobe Photographer’s subscription ? Exceptional Images and Products for hotels | office buildings | homes | restaurants | hospitals | shopping malls As of early 2018, Adobe increased the price for the subscription of its full suite of products causing concern to the […]

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What Does URL Stand For?

What does URL stand for and what is it anyway? While not about travel or photography, the question of what a URL is came up in a discussion recently and we thought that our readers might be interested in the answer. The letters URL stand for Uniform Resource Locator which has 2 main parts.  The […]

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3 Reasons to Visit Go * Click * Blog

Reasons Go*Click*Blog is a great site to visit Reason 1  As travelers and photographers, we are often asked questions about these subjects – this website/blog was created to share the answers The benefit to you – improve both your vacations and your photo Reason 2 Being information hounds, we run across lots of useful and/or […]

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